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"For A Vibrant, Locally Anchored and Internationally Connected Music Industry That Viably Sustains Artists and other Professionals"

The National Music Strategy was drafted by the National Arts Council of Zimbabwe (NACZ) and a National Team composed of music stakeholders drawn from all the ten provinces of Zimbabwe. The strategy is part of broader development efforts in the Zimbabwean cultural and creative industries (CCI) sector. The 2020-2030 National Cultural and Creative Industries Strategy (NCCIS) recognized the pivotal role of CCIs in driving national economic development and employment creation, as well as the crucial contribution of CCIs to national cohesion and to projecting Zimbabwe’s image internationally. The main thrust of the National Music Strategy is to create a robust, adaptive, creative and economically sustainable music sector in Zimbabwe. The strategy is to help the music sector operate efficiently and profitably in national, regional and international music markets.