• Outstanding Female Musician
  • Outstanding Male Musician
  • Outstanding Song
  • Outstanding Album
  • Outstanding Fiction Book
  • Outstanding Children’s Book
  • Outstanding First Creative Published Work
  • Outstanding Female Dancer
  • Outstanding Male Dancer
  • Outstanding Dance Group
  • Outstanding Choreographer
  • Outstanding Actor
  • Outstanding Actress
  • Outstanding Theatrical Production
  • Outstanding Director
  • Outstanding Mix-Media Work
  • Outstanding 2 Dimensional Work
  • Outstanding 3 Dimensional Work
  • Outstanding Exhibition
  • Outstanding Journalist Print
  • Outstanding Journalist TV
  • Outstanding Journalist Radio
  • Outstanding Online Media
  • Outstanding Comedian
  • Outstanding Poet
  • Outstanding Actor
  • Outstanding Actress
  • Outstanding Music Video
  • Outstanding Screen Production (Television)
  • Outstanding Screen Production (Short Film)
  • Outstanding Screen Production (Full Length Film)

This award goes to a promoter registered with NACZ who would have excelled in the promotion of the arts.

This award is given in recognition of the work done by a person (living or dead), institution, organization in promoting and developing the arts in Zimbabwe.

This is in recognition of the work by an individual or group in promoting  Zimbabwean arts and culture locally and internationally.

The public being the consumers or audience to the art works is given the opportunity to vote for the artist or art work of their own choice. The art work with the highest votes will then get the    People’s Choice Award.

The National Arts Council of Zimbabwe will confer the award to a person who, during their career, has made the greatest contribution to the arts and culture in a consistent and regular manner for a period of 25 years. The award shall remain a special award, not something done out of annual practice.