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Chibuku Road to Fame (CRTF) is a music talent search show by the National Arts Council in partnership with Delta Beverages. The programme was launched in 2001 and since then it has managed to identified and promote music talent among the youth upcoming artists in all the country’s provinces. The CRTF competitions are done at two levels, at provincial and National levels the first prize winning groups in provinces then complete at the National finals where the first prize winning group receives a prize money as well as a recording contract

Broad Objectives     

  1. Promotion of the development of music through the identification of groups with potential to produce recordable material
  2. Provision of an opportunity for Young Musicians to interact and be mentored by established musicians
  3. Promotion of Chibuku brand for Delta beverages

Specific objectives

  1. Exposing young men and women to the genre of band music
  2. Facilitating the sharing of public space with established artists by aspiring musicians through the award recording contracts to the winning groups
  3. Engaging communities at provincial level throughout the country in promoting the consumption of music
  4. Promoting he writing/composition of music and playing of musical instruments among less privileged communities
  5. Facilitating mentor-ship of young artists by establishing artists

Chibuku Road to Fame Qualifying criteria

  1. Only groups, individuals that have not recorded before are eligible
  2. Competition entrants must be between the ages of 18 and 35 to ascertain this, application forms obtained at National Arts Council offices must be accompanied by proof of identification that should be certified (National ID or Passport)
  3. Groups are free to play any type of music as long as it is original
  4. The number of people permissible per group is eight
  5. Applications from mime artists ,dancers without a music element of dub(lip synchronization artists)
  6. A group that was placed first in the National is not eligible for the competition the following year.
  7. A group should have at least one guitar and a drum set as primary instruments used in the presentation