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11 Feb 2020


Minister of Youth Sport Arts and Recreation Hon Kirsty Coventry and her Deputy Hon Tinomuda Machakaire, showcase their “Mbende” moves at Murehwa Culture Centre

The Minister of Youth Sport Arts and Recreation Honourable Kirsty Coventry has called on communities to preserve their cultures by transferring indigenous knowledge to the Youth.

Hon Coventry made the remarks yesterday during a Tour of the Murehwa Culture Centre which is administered by the National Arts Council of Zimbabwe.

The Minister who was accompanied by her Deputy, Hon Tinomuda Machakaire, said she was excited to be visiting the cultural centre to know how many young people were learning about their culture and how her Ministry could assist.

“As people, we need to know who we are. This is because our history or culture teaches us who we are. It is very disappointing to see many young people who come to the city who do not know who they are,” the Minister said.

She said Culture centres are integral in reminding Zimbabweans who they are shaping and they have to be used to tell the story of who we are as Zimbabweans.

“We can’t wait for someone from outside to tell us who we are or who we should be or where we came from. We have a strong history and we should be proud of that. I hope that this centre will be used more often by schools and even tourist when they come to Zimbabwe they need to Murehwa Cultural Centre,” Hon Coventry said.

The Minister said that she was happy that the arts and culture issues were beginning to get more support from the President Cde Emmerson Mnangagwa

Murehwa Cultural Centre was established in 1984 by the government of Zimbabwe to become a self-sustaining arts and culture centre contributing to community development by creating employment in aspects such as skills empowerment in cultural industries.

NACZ Acting Director Mr Josiah Kusena said the Centre was suffering from underutilization because of poor maintenance and dilapidated infrastructure.

“This centre used to host a lot of local and international events in the past, however, its infrastructure needs to be revamped for it to attract major artists. The biggest problem is funding, the council does not have the funds to keep this place afloat.” Said Mr Kusena.

A representative of the local Member of Parliament Mr Daniel Garwe called on the Ministry to revive the centre to benefit the local community.

“This place used to be very popular, even the late National Hero Tuku Samanyanga used to come here when there were national commemorations of big International Days but this has all stopped and the place is seriously underutilised. “ she said.

The tour of the Culture centre was also attended by the Chief Director in the Ministry of Youth Sports Arts and Recreation, Mr Benson Martin Dube, the NACZ Assistant Director Arts Promotion and Development Mrs Barbara Gotore and other government officials from the Ministry and Mashonaland East province.

07 Feb 2020


Chairperson of the NAMA Adjudication Committee Professor Ruby Magosvongwe Announcing the 19th NAMA nominees

The National Arts Council of Zimbabwe (NACZ) has announced the nominees for the 19th National Arts Merit Awards (NAMA) to be held on the 29th of February 2020. Presenting the Nominations, Chairpersons of the Adjudication Committee, Professor Ruby Magosvongwe announced the addition of two new categories to the awards the Outstanding Poetry Book and the Outstanding New Comer in Music.

Professor Magosvongwe noted that there was a lot of artistic depth in the entries submitted across all disciplines.

“In some areas like theatre and film, there was high competitiveness as artists were pushing the bar to produce quality projects. The artists were also commended for a lot of originality and innovation exhibited in the entries submitted for the awards,” she said.

There were no nominees for some dance categories as the entries submitted showed a lack of seriousness.

“The adjudicators noted that there were no significant appropriate dance productions that were submitted and a number of the works submitted in this category were not well packaged, “said Professor Magosvongwe.

A total of 1290 entries were received at the close of the nomination window for the 2020 awards. The full list of Nominees is as follows.


Outstanding Poet

Tanaka Effort Chuma

Sithembile Siqhoza Ndebele         aka   Zingizwanizinja

Tatenda Murigo


Outstanding Comedian

Learnmore Mwanyenyeka     aka    Long John

Hubert Dumisani Ndlovu    aka   MaForty

Andrew Manyika




Outstanding First Creative Published Book

Hatiponi     by Oscar Gwiriri     [Progressive Booksellers & Publishers]

A People’s Fight   by   Fradreck Hombiro        [Hombiro Media Company]

Nharo Dzemusango   by      Chenjerai Mazambani  [Bhabhu Books]

Special Mention

Ensukwini Zalamhla    by Onesimo Mpofu     [Onesimo Mpofu]


Outstanding Children’s Book

Songs of the Little Creatures    by    Phumulani Chipandambira   [Chipandambira Archives]

Chitima Nditakure    by    Oscar Gwiriri   [Progressive Booksellers & Publishers]

Kuku Wins the President’s Clean Environment Award by   Aleck Kaposa    [Essential Books Publishing Company]


Outstanding Fiction Book

Shasha Dzokurera        by        Marcilyn Mugariri    [Marcilyn Mugariri]

Chasing the Wind    by    Phillip Chidavaenzi        [Royalty Books]

Out of Darkness, Shining Light     by     Petina Gappah      [Scribner]


Outstanding Poetry Book

Rhyme and Resistance   by  Stanley Mushava  [Underclass books and Films]

Under My Skin   by   Prince Rayanne Chidzvondo    [Prince Rayane Chidzvondo]

Agringanda Like a Gringa Like a Foreigner  by   Tariro Ndoro   [Modjaji Books]

Special Mention

Nhambetambe  by   Phumulani Chipandamira     [Chipandambira Archive]




Outstanding Actor

Ronald Madodana Sigeca         in         Imbokodo

Anthony Mazhetese                 in         The Gang Leader

Ngonidzashe  Chikowore         in         Inside out

Liberty Mwenje Mthole            in         Inside out


Outstanding Actress

Davina Green               in         The Gang leader

Charmaine Mudau        in         Imbokodo

Agnes  Ncube              in         Imbokodo


Outstanding Theatrical Production

The Gang Leader         by        Zim Theatre Academy

Bongile                        by        Chiedza Makwara

Imbokodo                    by        Nhimbe Trust


Outstanding Director

Yeukai Yvonne Chandiposha              of         Bongile

Teddy Mangawa                                   of         Gang Leader

Norbert Makoche                                  of         Imbokodo




Outstanding Female Dancer

Michelle Msopero                    in               Sobahle

Lynsey  Nyamakwenje             in               Infinite Possibilities

Dadirai Mupandawana             in               Ezimnyama Dance Group


Outstanding Male Dancer

Tawanda Tanaka  Fireyi                       in         My journey to the International Scene

Tichaona Chikara                                 in         Hero’s +

Selemani Mpochi   aka    Majuice        in         Ochestra Mberikwazvo


Outstanding Dance Group

No nominees


Outstanding Choreographer

No nominee




Outstanding 2 Dimensional Work

Cyclone Idai where is Mommy?           by        Calvin Chimutuwah

Revolutionary Freshness                      by        Talent Kapadza

Focusing on Green Economy                by        Webster Mubayirenyi


Outstanding 3 Dimensional Work

My Sister Loves Me                                by      Rufaro Murenza

Ancestral Family                                     by     Nichodimus T. Mutasa

Tribute to the mother of generations     by        Stanley Mutanga


Outstanding Mix Media Work

Kurima Hohwa                         by        Victor Nyakauru

Distorted History                      by        Anthony Bumhira

Rehab Queen                            by        Calvin Chimutuwah




Outstanding Exhibition

Pieces for Peace, Pieces, Revolutionary Freshness   by     Talent Kapadza & Schuma Herscovitz

Purple Rhythm                                                           by    Calvin and Prudence Chimutuwah

Engaging the 45th Year                                               by     Helen Leroys




Outstanding Actress

Charmaine Mudau        as         Bonke       in    Another wedding

Antoinette Sango         as         Thandi      in     Mandla

Sarah Mpofu Sibanda  as        Thalitha    in     Home Affairs


Outstanding Actor

Godfrey Chivese          as  Mile                 in     The Call

Brian Chitongo            as  Mandimutsa     in     Kuchina the Genesis

Percy Soko                   as  Mandla             in     Mandla


Outstanding Music Video

Tichichema      Directed  by     Edible Elevens   ft. Ammara Brown

Sunshine City   Directed  by     Kalai Faye Barlow ft.  Flying Bantu

Kure (remix)    Directed  by      Kudzai Maneswa  ft.  Ishan

Bless                Directed  by      Kalai Faye Barlow ft Ammy and The Calamities


Outstanding Screen Production (Television Series)

Muzita Rababa             Directed by      Shem Zemura

Dudzai                          Directed by      Farai Mungoshi

Mandla                        Directed by      Solomon Mandaza

Special mention

Pink and Purple        Directed by          Mthabisi Onias Ndlovu


Outstanding Screen Production – Short Film

Redefining the Road           Directed by        Tapiwa Gambira

The Call                              Directed by        Godfrey Chivese

Home Affairs                      Directed by        Elton Sibanda


Outstanding Screen Production –  Full Length Film

S’mbimbindo   3       Directed by          Von Tavaziva

Stay with Me            Directed  by         Nick Zemura

$400                         Directed by         Kudzai Chikomo




Outstanding Journalist – Print

Kundai Marunya                                   –           Herald

Prince Tungamirai  Mushawevato        –           Sunday Mail

Tafadzwa Kachiko                                 –           Newsday


Outstanding Journalist – Radio

Anesu Masamvu            –            ZiFM

Yvonne Tivatye             –            Star FM

Thulani Munyandu        –             National  FM



Outstanding Journalist – Television

Patience Nyagato              –      ZBC

Alexio    Gwenzi               –      ZBC

Masceline Bondamakara  –       ZBC


Outstanding Online Media



3 Men on a Boat




Outstanding Newcomer

Isheanesu Chigagura    aka    Ishan

Panganayi Hare

Ngonidzashe Dondo     aka    King 98


Outstanding Female Musician

Thamsanqa Moyo        aka       Tammy Moyo

Janet Manyowa

Ammara Brown


Outstanding Male Musician

Wallace Chirumiko      aka    Winky D

Darlington Katsetsa      aka   Mambo Dhuterere

Tinashe Gonzara          aka   Ti Gonzi


Outstanding Album

Uhuru                by        Willis Kachambwa  aka  Willis Wataffi

Dare Guru           by       Darlington Katsetsa     aka  Mambo Dhuterere

Gango                 by       Energy Chizanga         aka   Freeman


Outstanding Song

Ngaibake                                  by        Freeman ft Alick Macheso

Kure                                          by        Ishan ft Ti Gonzi

Mugarden                                 by        Winky D ft Gemma Griffiths

Mweya Ndisesekedze               by        Mambo Dhuterere




Promoter of the Year

D & G Promotions

Big Scale Entertainment

Ngoma NeHosho


Artist in the Diaspora

Vusa Mkhaya

Tapfuma Charles Katedza aka Charlie Kay

Gemma Griffiths

Norah Chipaumire

05 Feb 2020


The National Arts Council of Zimbabwe (NACZ) has announced the constitution of a national team comprising of various players in the Arts and Culture sector to produce the Quadrennial Periodic Report (QPR) as mandated by the United Nations Education Scientific Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) 2005 Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions.

The UNESCO 2005 Convention is a legally binding document that regulates the protection and promotion of the diversity of cultural expressions by encouraging governments to adopt policies and measures which promote the full participation of the citizen in the process of creation, production, dissemination, and distribution of cultural expressions.


In a statement, the NACZ said the Constitution of the team to produce the QPR is according to the main domains (cinema/audio arts, design, media arts, music, publishing, visual arts, performing arts and cultural and creative sectors) contained in the Convention and the focus areas specified in the monitoring framework.


“The QPR is a tool for parties to the convention to document national policies and measures implemented to support the creation, production, distribution, dissemination, and enjoyment of cultural goods and services to share information and to work towards a global overview of the status and trends in the governance of culture at the national and international levels,” the NACZ said.


The team members, drawn from government ministries, major public institutions, the national statistics office, civil society organisations, media organisations and special representatives of civil society organisations promoting gender equality, were selected after having undergone a three-day training programme designed to accomplish the production of the QPR facilitated by local UNESCO Expert, Mr. Farai Mpfunya.


The statement revealed that the national team is expected to engage in the extensive gathering and collation of artistic and cultural data/information including statistics with each member focusing on his/her area of expertise and identifying policies and measures that were crafted and implemented in the past four years to enhance the diversity of cultural expressions and explicitly specifying their respective implementation successes and the attendant challenges.


“The NACZ would thus like to call upon all stakeholders and players in the arts and cultural sector to assist the team through timeous provision of accurate information when asked to do so to enable the team to capture the correct evidence on what has transpired in the sector over the past four years,” said the council.

Members of the Unesco 2005 Convention National Team


The National Team Members are:

Joyce Chimanye (ZUVVA), David Chimuka (MVACA/CAAFT), Raisedon Baya (Intwasa Arts Festival koBulawayo), Silas F. Matope (National Gallery of Zimbabwe), Netto Chigiya (Censorship Department), Daniel Maposa (Savanna Trust), Lisa Sidambe (Nhimbe Trust), Peter Churu (Rooftop Promotions), Florence Majachani (Arterial Network), Desmond Makosa (Ministry of Environment, Climate Change & Tourism), Melody Zambuko (Music Crossroads), Chido Musasiwa-Gutu (Let Them Trust), Handrick Chigiji (ZIMSTAT), Casper Tarumbwa (Ministry of Information & Broadcasting Services), Vasco Chaya (Daily News), Mtandazo Dube (The Sunday Mail), Rodney Ruwende (NACZ), William Ndinde (NACZ), Oliver Chauke, (NACZ) Godfrey Seremwe (Zimbabwe National Commission for UNESCO) and Ian  Nyamundanda (Ministry of Youth, Sport, Arts & Recreation).



03 Feb 2020


Dr Chitepo emphasizes a point to Demir Dijakovic, the outgoing UNESCO ROSA CUlture Advisor.

HARARE-The Ministry of Youth Sport Arts and Recreation has bid farewell to Mr. Demir Dijakovic, the outgoing United Nations Education Scientific Cultural Organisation Regional Office for Southern Africa (UNESCO ROSA) Cultural Advisor who has retired.

Speaking at a farewell ceremony held at the Ministry’s offices in Harare, the Permanent Secretary Dr. Thokozile Chitepo said Mr. Dijakovic was a visionary culture expert who had a passion for promoting arts and cultural issues.

‘Demir would come to my office with big ideas and he always brought a vision of how things should be done to improve arts and culture issues. He was very persistent in pushing arts issues and some of them we are already implementing as government,’ she said.

Dr. Chitepo said some of the things that Dijakovic advocated for that the ministry is now implanting include the collection of data on cultural indicators, the introduction of a Monitoring and Evaluation department within the ministry and the crafting of new legislation on culture.

“Government has seen the importance of these issues that Demir was passionate about. For example, there is a need to come up with an act of parliament to protect the country’s cultural heritage and a study thus needs to be carried out to assess the substantive issues on why Zimbabwe needs such a piece of legislation,” the permanent secretary said.

The Director of the National Arts Council of Zimbabwe (NACZ) Mr. Nicholas Moyo commended the outgoing Cultural Advisor for his diligence and passion in dealing with Arts and Culture issues. He said the council dealt directly with Mr. Dijakovic on matters of the UNESCO 2005 Convention Quadrennial Periodic Report (QPR) which details a country’s progress in promoting cultural issues over four years.

“Demir had clarity for all the cultural policies and protocols. We used to call him a push manager because he would phone you when you have nothing to say and by the end of the call you would have something to say” said Mr. Moyo.

The reception was also attended by the Minister of Youth Sport Arts and Recreation, Dr. Kirsty Coventry, Chief Director Dr. Benson Martin, Dube, NACZ Board Chairman Professor Herbert Chimhundu, National Gallery of Zimbabwe Executive Director, Mrs. Doreen Sibanda and other Ministry officials.

24 Jan 2020


NYAZURA-The Government and the National Arts Council of Zimbabwe (NACZ) this week presented groceries and an assortment of home consumables valued at $7000 to actor/comedian, Lazarus Boora, popularly known as “ Gringo” who is currently convalescing at his rural homestead in Rukweza after undergoing surgery in October last year.

Presenting the groceries NACZ Deputy Director Mr Josia Kusena said the government and the council had seen it fit to provide the token assistance to the veteran actor to ease the burden of taking care of his family during the time he was tending to his health.

“This token is coming from the government of Zimbabwe through the Minister of Youth Sports, Arts and Recreation Dr Kirsty Coventry, The Deputy Minister Cde Tino Machakaire, the Permanent Secretary Dr Thokozile Chitepo, the Director National Arts Council Mr Nicholas Moyo and the Zimbabwean people at large, to say to you we love you, we are with you during this time and we wish you a speedy recovery and return to full health,” he said.

In response, the popular Boora said it was heart-warming for the government to even think of him at this time when there were so many issues that could have been given priority.

‘To me, this is more than just assistance, it is a recognition of my talent by the people of Zimbabwe. Many artists are acknowledged when they die, but for me its an honour to be recognized when I am still alive, through this present,” he said.

The jovial Boora said he was recuperating quite well and he had resumed light acting duties for social Media “Skits” on his way to full recovery.

“In December I had time to do a few episodes for some social media shows and I hope to be back soon to conclude some projects that I was working on,” he said.

A father of 7, Boora is employed full time by an Agro-processing and Distribution firm in Harare and drives to Rukwezva his Village homested regulary. His homested features a modern four roomed house complete with an orchard of indigenous and exotic trees that he enjoys tending too.

Boora was propelled to fame by the 1997 ZBCTV hit drama Series “Gringo” and he subsequently featured in other spin-offs of the show like “Gringo Ndiani” and “Gringo Mari Iripi”. He recently starred as Gibbo in the new ZTV series “Village Secrets”.


21 Jan 2020


HARARE- Scores of Zimbabwean artists have directly benefitted from the country’s cultural, political and economic ties with China.

The Director of the National Arts Council of Zimbabwe Mr Nicholas Moyo, says the increased cooperation between China and Zimbabwe has created tangible opportunities for Zimbabwean Artists to showcase their work.

“The cordial cultural ties with China have benefitted scores of local artists who have had an opportunity to participate at prestigious events hosted in China. Such events put artists at the forefront of enhanced cooperation between the two countries,” he said.

Mr Moyo said this while addressing local and Chinese residents at 7Arts Theatre in Avondale at festivities celebrating the start of the Chinese Lunar year last week.

He said the Chinese New Year celebrations, were of important significance as they coincided with the 40th anniversary of relations between Zimbabwe and China.

Assistance to the arts and culture sector in Zimbabwe by China is guided by the Executive Programme for the years 2020 to 2023 which aims to keep direct connections between Zimbabwean and Chinese Cultural Institutions.

Mr Moyo said China and Zimbabwe were all-weather friends whose cooperation spanned across economic, trade, political and cultural ties.

“China has provided Zimbabwe with practical cooperation involving Megaprojects like the New Parliament building Project which are a vivid reflection of the Chinese government’s commitment to Zimbabwe,” he said.

The ambassador of China to Zimbabwe, Mr Guo Shaochün, said the New year celebrations were particularly important for Zimbabwe as they came soon after the Chinese Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr Wang Yi concluded his visit to Africa with a tour of Zimbabwe.

“The visit is itself important as it shows that China prioritises its relationship with Zimbabwe and is a serious partner for the development of Africa,” said Mr Guo.

The event which ushered in the Chinese Spring festival was graced by the Minister of Information Media and Broadcasting Services Senator Monica Mutsvangwa and comprised a two-hour performance of music, traditional Chinese dances and instrumental performances by the world-renowned Chinese National Opera dance and Drama theatre from Beijing.

Local and Chinese artists under the banner of the Jacaranda Media and Culture Corporation (JCMC) also performed at the event which was supported by the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, The China Zimbabwe Business Association and various corporates.

21 Jan 2020


The late Bosco Yeppe

Masvingo-Bosco Yeppe (45) leader of Tchuka Trinity Crew the Chibuku Road to Fame 2003 National Winner has died. He died yesterday after a short illness at Chibi hospital.

Yeppe rose to national prominence when he participated at the Chibuku Road to Fame competition and scooped the national and Masvingo Provincial titles in the same year.

Chibuku Road to Fame is a music talent search show organised since 2001 by the National Arts Council of Zimbabwe in partnership with Delta Beverages.

The group then recorded its first album called “Uchandifunga” which carried the popular song “uchandifunga” in 2005 with RTP studios. Yeppe followed this release with two more albums “Rise and Shine” and “Scofa”.

The late Yeppe was born in Malawi in 1974 and he grew up in Mashava, Gaths Mine after his parents moved to Zimbabwe. He started music at a tender age with the inspiration he got from listening to local groups Devera Ngwena and the Zhimozhi Jazz Band.

After his Road to Fame Succes, Yeppe worked with other groups in Masvingo namely Orchestra Mafara Chete and Identity Band who all went on to reach the finals of the competition.

He is survived by wife Agnes Jaya two sons Tamantani and Tamani. Mourners are gathered at village 3, Temeraire in Mashava. He will be buried at his homestead on Wednesday 22 January 2020.

20 Jan 2020



The National Arts Council of Zimbabwe (NACZ) has announced the appointment of Mrs Barbara Gotore as the Assistant Director Arts Promotions and Development as well as Mr Rodney Ruwende as the Communication and Marketing Manager with effect from 01 January 2020.

In a statement to stakeholders, players in the Arts business, investors, practitioners and friends of the NACZ, Director Mr Nicholas Moyo, said the appointments marked the conclusion of the NACZ management recruitment exercise which began in 2018 with the appointments of the Director and the Deputy Director in 2019.

“The conclusion of this exercise means the Council can now actively pursue its Strategic Plan for 2020-2023, whose main thrust is to transform the Arts Council into a net revenue generator and financial contributor, not only to the development of the arts and culture sector in Zimbabwe but also to employment generation and gross domestic product” he said.

Mrs Gotore joins the NACZ from the Public Service Commission (PSC) where she was a government consultant in public sector reforms working with both state and private entities. She is an expert in developing strategic plans, Human resources and Customer service. A certified Results-Based Management (RBM) Trainer Mrs Gotore has over 13 years of High School teaching experience in the creative arts.  She holds a Masters Degree in Public Sector Management, a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and Communication Studies and a Bachelor of Education degree.

“As Assistant Director Programming Mrs Gotore is tasked with initiating programmes for the development and promotion of the arts sector” the Director added.

Mr Ruwende joins the council from the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) where he was a Presenter and Senior Executive Producer for Classic 263 Radio. He holds a Masters degree in Public Policy and Development Management, a Bachelor of Science Honours Degree in Political Science and a National Diploma in Mass Communication.


Mr Moyo said the new Communication and Marketing Manager is tasked with developing a robust stakeholder and media engagement strategy to raise the visibility of the council, its programmes and the sector at large.

“He will also lead the public relations and marketing fronts of the Council,” he said.

The Director also advised that to deliver in its mandate, the following appointments were also made in the Provinces for positions of substantive Provincial Arts Managers;

Ms. Caroline Makoni – Manicaland

Ms. Erengwi Chido – Mashonaland East

Ms. Sindisiwe Eunice Ndlovu – Matabeleland North

Ms. Kumbirai Farai Kupfavira – Midlands

Mr Moyo said the Council is working on appropriate recruitments that will allow delivery of services as mandated by the shareholder government and as expected by its clients.




13 Jan 2020


The National Arts Council of Zimbabwe (NACZ) would like to condemn the detention of musician “Shinsoman” by armed men in Chegutu who are alleged to have forced him to sing one song for many hours for their enjoyment.
The council would like to encourage enforcement agents in the country to increase their presence in public gatherings to avert such cases of abuse.

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