The United Program for Artists and Athletes of Zimbabwe (UPAZIM)
UPAZIM is inviting you to create a video with a message of encouragement to fellow artists; athletes and creatives during this time we are all in lockdown. As we are all going through this COVID-19 and we are all affected in various ways many artists and athletes
have found themselves out of work overnight. We invite you to contribute to this community by sending messages of hope as a way of encouraging and connecting with one another. Navigating this space requires us to unite and be there for one another. Our first step is video clip submissions during Easter and our second step will be voice notes to be aired on radio stations (Date TBA).
Please record short video clips and send your submissions by midnight: Sunday 12th April 2020 to Rudo Nondo via email at or via WhatsApp on +263719110222
1. Please start the video by introducing yourself (Example “ Hey I am Rudo Nondo, International Creative designer and founder of The African Rack)
2. Please select one standard message from the five standard video message options provided on the second page.
3. Your video should not exceed 40 seconds, it must be fun and include a statement selected from the standard messages provided below.
4. Video files are limited to a total file size of 5MB.
5. Please post videos on personal social media handles and tag @UPAZIM on Instagram; United Program For Athletes and Artists in Zimbabwe on Facebook and @UPAZIM on twitter.
6. In addition to individually uploading on your social media and tagging UPAZIM, the submitted videos will be collated together and aired on our social media platforms on Facebook; Instagram and Twitter as together we can stand united with one voice